FEB 2016

PDP 2016 - Crete

​Two contributions presented

MAY 19 2016

​Workshop di CCR,

La Biodola.

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National Institute for nuclear physics - Commissione Scientifica Nazionale 5

Funding is provided to the project by INFN through its Fifth Scientific National Commission (CSN5). The project was approved as a two year project starting in January 2015.

The following INFN departments partecipate to the COSA project:



What's New?

The project

APR 2015


Just arrived - ready for testing


Current Status

Jan 29 2015

Project kick-off

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OCT 29 2015

7th INFN International School in Bertinoro

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Mar 25 2015

Talk at HEPIX Spring Workshop

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Computing on SOC architecture at INFN

COSA is a three-year project (2015-2017) funded by the Scientific Commission V of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN). The main objective of the project is to investigate the performances, the total cost of ownership and the possibilities offered by computing systems based on commodity low power Systems on Chip (SoC). Computing performances will be measured running real life applications taken from the High Energy Physics (HEP) community belonging to the Institute.

The project is building and maintaining three clusters. One is located in Bologna  (CNAF department) and will be composed of development boards powered by the state of the art low power SoCs running Linux. Another one, located in Rome (ROME1 department) exploits the last generation FPGAs to prototype low latency network connections between low power CPUs. The third cluster, located in the Padova department, is based on traditional, non-low-power, CPUs, accelerators and network connections. This cluster is used as a reference for the performance of the scientific applications run on the other two clusters.

Computing on soc architecture

MaY 18 2015

F2F Meeting in Rome

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Mar 2015

The ODROID-XU3 just arrived at CNAF. Ready for testing.

The COSA project will offer free access to the low power cluster through a batch system for application testing and benchmarking purposes to the scientific communities within the INFN its and collaborators.

We are looking for collaborators from the scientific and industrial world. If you are interested please contact us

The project

Feb 11 2015

Talk at WLCG GDB

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COSA is currently evaluating various low power architectures in order to select the platform to build the clusters at CNAF and in ROME.

SoCs under evaluation are:

A Prototype of the CNAF low power cluster is already in place to test these development boards