The cluster is composed by standard high-end servers and lowpower servers equipped with last generation fpgas

The cluster is made of two sub-clusters:

- A 32bit ARM based cluster with 1 Gb/s interconnection

- a 64bitcluster based on intel low power SOCS with 10Gb/s interconnection

Two Clusters:


Computing on soc architecture


The Network prototype cluster in rome

The low power cluster at cnaf

The ARM cluster is composed by 8 NVIDIA JETSON TK1, 4 NVIDIA JETSON TX1, two ODROID-XU3. 1 CUBIEBORD, 1 SABREBOARD, 1 ARNDALE OCTA board. Boards are interconnected with standard 1Gb/s ethernet.

The 64bit INTEL cluster is composed by 4 mini-ITX boards with the C2750 AVOTON SoC plus 4 mini-ITX motherboard based on the new XEOND-1540 CPU plus 4 N3700-ITX boards, plus 2 J4205 PENTIUM boards. Interconnection are based on 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s ethernet.