Computing on soc architecture


The ARM cluster is composed by 8 NVIDIA JETSON TK1, 4 NVIDIA JETSON TX1, two ODROID-XU3. 1 CUBIEBORD, 1 SABREBOARD, 1 ARNDALE OCTA board. Boards are interconnected with standard 1Gb/s ethernet.

The 64bit INTEL cluster is composed by 4 mini-ITX boards with the C2750 AVOTON SoC plus 4 mini-ITX motherboard based on the new XEOND-1540 CPU plus 4 N3700-ITX boards, plus 2 J4205 PENTIUM boards. Interconnection are based on 1Gb/s and 10Gb/s ethernet.

Two Clusters:

The Network prototype cluster in rome

The cluster is still under construction, please stay tuned

    The list of features will appear as soon as the cluster will be online


The low power cluster at cnaf

The cluster is made of two sub-clusters:

- A 32bit ARM based cluster with 1 Gb/s interconnection

- a 64bitcluster based on intel low power SOCS with 10Gb/s interconnection